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     Shanghai Legion is founded in 2003. Being a “High-tech Enterprise”, we focus on the R&D of induction heating technology since 2005. Until now, we are still the only professional manufacturer in China who has mastered all the core technologies of induction heating roller.

    We have a professional team covering the fields of mechanics, electronics, material science, control engineering and chemical engineering. Cooperated closely with several famous colleges and research institutes, Shanghai Legion possesses over 70 patents, which has totally broken through the technical barriers of developed countries.

    At present,, we have built research, assembling, processing and test factories as well as new material production base in Minhang District, Fengxian District in Shanghai and Hangzhou City. We have equiped advanced machining and production equipments.

    Our core products and technology with regard to induction heating roller, and laminating technology now have been widely applied in the fields of packaging, textile, non-woven fabrics, anti-fake printing, specialty paper, optical film, lithium battery, solar energy and specialty fiber. Most customers are the leaders in their respective industries.