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Course of development
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2003   Shanghai Legion Environmental Protection Co., Ltd established

2005  Initiated the R&D of induction heating technology

2008  Induction heating products with own-brand were launched and applied in the fields of
         aluminum-plastic plate, printing, textile, non-woven fabrics and paper making industri
         -es, etc

2009  Induction heating roller owned independent intellectual property rights was sucessfully
         developed and filled the blank of China

2010  Shanghai Legion Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd established

2011  Certified by ISO9001Awarded as 'High and New Tech Enterprises' by Shanghai Municipal government  High-precision non-condensing cooling roller was successfully developed and put on the market

2012   Invested by PE for the first round Induction heating roller through the transformation of high-tech  achievements in Shanghai.Induction heating roller was deeply applied in high-tech manufacture  fields such as anti-fake printing,  automotive glass, optical film and lithium-ion battery industries, etc.         

2013   Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology for SME Technology Innovation Fund

2014   The first production line of polymer-laminated steel employed thermal melting method 
          in China was successfully built by Shanghai Legion.The production equipment of polymer
          -laminated steel was named as 'New Patent Products of Shanghai.Induction heating roller
          was identified as 'Energy-saving Product' by Shanghai Municipal government

2016   induction heating roller of ultra-small size developed successfully